Gen. Thomas Welsh

Gen. Thomas WelshMore information and photos to be added soon! 

From information edited by Richard C. Wiggin:

Columbia’s Favorite Son: Gen. Thomas Welsh, the Man and the Myth
Proceedings of a Symposium, Saturday, October 25, 2008
Sponsored jointly by: The Columbia Library and the Columbia Historic Preservation Society

From the Handout: Basic facts about Gen. Thomas Welsh:

-Born in Columbia 1824
-Mexican War, 1846-1848
Severely wounded at Buena Vista
2nd Lt., 11th US Infantry Regiment

-Between the war years 1848-1861
Dry goods merchant, insurance agent, canal boat operator, Justice of the Peace
-Married Annie Young (1831-1894) of Wrightsville, PA, 1850
-Children; Alice (b.1851), Mary (b.1853), Effie (b.1855), Addie (1856-1858), Lillie
(b.1858), Blanton (b.1860), Thomas Anna (b.1863)
-Captain of the “Columbia Company;” Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd
Penna. Regiment; 1861
-Commandant of Camp Curtain, 1861
-Colonel of the 45th Penna. Regiment, 1861
-Distinguished service at South Mountain and Antietam, 1862
-Brigadier General; appointed 1862, commissioned 1863
-Served in support of General Grant at Vicksburg, 1863

-Died of malaria in Cincinnati in 1863

More information about Gen. Thomas Welsh on Wikipedia.

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