Columbia & Susquehanna Model Railroad

2023 Columbia Railroad Day 1

In the 2nd floor of an old 1850 Evangelical Lutheran church that is now the Columbia Historic Preservation Society sits a 2,500 square foot HO Model Railroad. This railroad truly took life in the year 2000. Before this time there was a small bit of table with a length of line attached, but in 2000 a group of men banded together to create what would become a vast landscape run through with rails.

Over the years men have come and gone, but there remains a core of dedicated artisans devoting their time and energy. Always in the flux of creation the Columbia and Susquehanna Model Railroad is a true work of art.

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Nothing was more up-to-date when it was built—or is more obsolete today—than the railroad station.
Ada Louise Huxtable

A railroad is like a lie. You have to keep building it to make it stand.
Mark Twain

RAILROAD, n.  The chief of many mechanical devices enabling us to get away from where we are, to get to where we are no better off. For the purpose of a railroad is held in highest favor by the optimist, as it permits him to make the transit with great expedition.
Ambrose Bierce