Donations and Membership

The Columbia Historic Preservation Society invites everyone to become a member of our organization. Print out  the form below.

INDIVIDUAL    $20.00

FAMILY             $30.00

LIFETIME      $300.00

BUSINESS     $100.00



The financial crisis affecting us all tends to take its toll but, particularly, on non-profit organizations. Simply stated, we need your help.

The Columbia Historic Preservation Society has no paid staff. Every event that takes place, every hour we are open, every document we research is accomplished by the gracious efforts of our volunteers. And, beyond that, utilities must be paid and repairs must be made to maintain our facility.

Donations and membership fees are our primary source of financial support. Without this help, we would not be able to keep our doors open or our collections in safe, stable order.

Your donation is tax deductible. And, more than ever, every dollar counts.

Please help by making your check payable to:
Columbia Historic Preservation Society

Mail your check and completed application to:
Columbia Historic Preservation Society
Post Office Box 578
Columbia, Pennsylvania 17512